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Moving On Up: 6 Tips for a Successful Transition to Middle School [INFOGRAPHIC]

Middle school is a big adjustment for both children and parents. Your child is going from the oldest class in primary school, to the bottom of the stack in middle school. It can seem as if...

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Beyond the Textbook: 6 Great Education Apps for Elementary Students (K-5)

In today's digital world, we turn to technology for nearly all aspects of our day.

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“Proud to Witness Our Students in Action” - Q&A with OLS Principal Judy Foley

Many of you may recall that back in August 2017, we published our first Q&A session with new Principal, Judy FoleyMs. Foley was brand new to the school at that point, and was looking forward to...

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Conquer Public Speaking Fears: 9 Ways to Help Your Child Get Ahead

To participate in society, one must be able to communicate clearly. Consequently, oral expression is one of the learning skill standards that students are expected to meet.

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Social Conflicts at School: How to Dial Down the Drama in 3 Easy Steps

I hear some parents say that they never hear a word from their children about what goes on at school. But in my house, someone is always coming home with a story.

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Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village Program: Lessons I’ve Learned After 10 Years

In 2008, a friend of mine was invited to go to Guatemala with Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village Program. She wanted to go but was nervous to travel on her own and she wanted a companion. I had...

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Play-Based Learning: 7 Easy Things to Do at Home with Your Preschooler


Play is the work of children!

In today’s fast-paced, high tech society, children have fewer and fewer opportunities to use and develop their creativity and imaginations. Play and play-based...

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